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Our retirement on Island Time as liveaboards.


Martinique 2010

We left St. Lucia for Martinique with Native Dancer in mid April.  The winds were light and the seas were mild and we had a wonderful sail to Ste. Anne on the south west end of Martinique.    We arrived mid afternoon in Ste Anne and needed to go to Marin to check in.    It was a very long dinghy ride of about 3 miles and when we get there the Doanes (customs) was closed; they are only open in the morning.   While passing the gas dock at Marin we ran into Zephyr Zest with Andy and Jo aboard.  We last saw them in Trinidad in 2009.

So the next day we decided to take a taxi into Marin.  After wandering around Ste Anne (it's not a big town) asking about a bus to Marin (very few speak any English) we finally found a public taxi (like a bus) that went to Marin.  After a side trip into the country side we made it to the town center in Le Marin and the bus driver said “ici ici” – meaning get off “here”.  My high school French comes back a little.  The bus ride was only 1.25 euros.   We made our way down to the water front where the Doanes is located.   After checking in we had lunch at the marina and enjoyed the French beer Lorraine.   

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\April 2010\100_2066.jpg
Marin Yacht Harbor 

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\April 2010\100_2093.jpg
Ste Anne, Martinique anchorage  - The anchorage is very large and can accommodate many boats The northeast end of the anchorage has a long sandy beach with many beach restaurants with a club med on the northern end as well as snorkeling.    

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\April 2010\100_2069.jpg
Ste Anne anchorage looking toward Marin

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\April 2010\100_2072.jpg
Local boats with square sails racing in Ste. Anne.  We watched the crew beach one of these boats and they tip very easily filling with water 

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\April 2010\100_2070.jpg
A boat in the anchorage – think he has enough fenders?

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\April 2010\100_2067.jpg
A rainbow taken from Ste. Anne anchorage

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\April 2010\100_2127.jpg
A sunset from Ste. Anne anchorage

Ste. Anne is small seaside town popular with tourists and cruisers alike. 

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\April 2010\100_2076.jpg
Across from the dinghy dock is the town square with a local church.  We were told that the church was in terrible shape – holes in the roof etc. - and that the French government gave the town a restoration   grant to repair the church.   Martinique is a Department (like a US state) of France so money flows from France to Martinique.   

The dinghy docks are fantastic in Martinique.  All the towns have long fixed docks with rings to lock your boat to and ladders to climb onto the dock. 

We would go into the village to Bobo’s on the second street for internet connection.  As with most of the natives we met his English was limited (with my French even more limited) but we managed to get the meals we ordered and get connected to the internet.  Other restaurants along the waterfront also had internet connections where we could have a beer in the afternoon and check our e-mail.  One could also sit in the town square and get free internet from the town offices that are next door.

There is one restaurant highly recommended in the cruising guide “le Sud” on the second street.  The owner speaks very good English.  We strolled by the restaurant one afternoon and decided to check out the restaurant for dinner.  The Owner was there and we asked about reservations – she laughed and said after what has happened no flights into Martinique so no tourists.  The four of us gasped and thought oh no another terrorist attack but no the volcanic eruption in Iceland had stopped the flights.  We did go to dinner there and it was wonderful.  The salad was great (I’d go back just to have the salad).  Among other things it had warm cheese with kiwi on a bed of greens.  Both Patti and I had this salad and we both loved it.   


C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\April 2010\100_2083.jpg
One of the buildings along the town square. 

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\April 2010\100_2077.jpg
The town has two main streets that run parallel to the water – both of which are one way.  This is the street closest to the water and runs south. 

All the streets are very narrow and many of them have a deep gutter on the side so parking the car can be a challenge.

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\April 2010\100_2081.jpg
This is the second street that is one way running north.

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\April 2010\100_2082.jpg
This is side street that connects the two main streets.

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\April 2010\100_2080.jpg
Some of the architecture

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\April 2010\100_2091.jpg
The main street coming into Ste. Anne.

Along with Gary and Patti on Native Dancer we rented a car for two days to tour the island.   The first day we went to Fort de France the capital of Martinique.  We strolled around town and found a little cafe on the second floor of a building on a side street.  The cafe was called the tea garden although we had beer and I didn’t see a garden.   

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Martinique Pictures\Fort de France street.JPG
Typical street in Fort de France

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Martinique Pictures\IMG_0882.JPG
Main Street along Waterfront in Fort de France

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Martinique Pictures\IMG_0883.JPG
Anchorage in Fort de France near the Fort

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Martinique Pictures\IMG_0886.JPG 
A Fort de France Busy Street (notice the two cruisers crossing the road)  

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Martinique Pictures\IMG_0888.JPG


C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Martinique Pictures\IMG_0890.JPG
Architecture of two Public Buildings in Fort de France

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Martinique Pictures\IMG_0892.JPG
Side street in Fort de France

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