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Our retirement on Island Time as liveaboards.


St. Lucia 2010

Jay and Priscilla left us in Grenada and flew back to the snow of Vermont.  We needed to head to St. Lucia where we planned to leave the boat for the month of March so we could go home for the birth of our third granddaughter. 

We had about two and half weeks to make our way to St. Lucia.  Plenty of time to stop in Tyrrel Bay Carriacou where we checked out of Grenada.  From Tyrell we headed to Bequia, a part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, where we cleared in for a short stay.   After clearing out of Bequia we left at 6 am for the long sail (about 60 nm) to Soufriere, St. Lucia bypassing St. Vincent (an island that has a history of crimes against cruisers).   Soufriere is on the south west side of St Lucia next to the Pitons. 

We checked into customs and immigration in Soufriere and then went on a tour of the town with a gentleman named Paul.

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\3-21-2010\100_2017.jpg
Bequia, Port Elizabeth Harbor

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\3-21-2010\100_2020.jpg 
Cruise Ship, Bequia   - when the ship pulled out the sails there was a very noticeable horizontal black streak on the sails behind the stack.   They must motor “sail” a lot. 

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\3-21-2010\100_2021.jpg 
St Vincent – the rain stayed in the mountains

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\3-21-2010\100_2023.jpg
Soufriere, St. Lucia

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\3-21-2010\100_2024.jpg
Soufriere Town, St Lucia

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\3-21-2010\100_2025.jpg
A cruise ship in Soufriere Harbor

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\3-21-2010\100_2027.jpg
Petit Piton with the Harmony beach moorings at the base

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\3-21-2010\100_2033.jpg
We had a mooring at the bat caves (most of this area in a marine park with no anchoring) 

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\3-21-2010\100_2029.jpg
Sunset at the Bat Caves

From Soufriere we travelled to the north end of St. Lucia to Rodney Bay marina where we leave to the boat to go home.

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\4-8-2010\100_2051.jpg
Rodney Bay Marina – John is waiting on the dock for Gregory the fruit man

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\4-8-2010\100_2053.jpg
Heeeeere’s Gregory

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\4-8-2010\100_2054.jpg
Gregory travels around the anchorage and in the marina selling fresh fruit and vegetables.  When he comes into an area he blows his conch horn to announce his arrival.

We flew home on February 25 from the large airport on the south end of the island.  The hour and a half trip to the airport gave us an inland tour of the island.

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\4-8-2010\100_2040.jpg
Sidney Lynn our reason for the trip home in March.

We returned to Island Time on March 29.   While we were gone Idunno with Mike and June had arrived.  We last sailed with them in the Bahamas where we went south from Lon Island, Bahamas and they sailed north.    They had dinner ready for us when we got there.  Mike helped John put in our new stove (oven no longer worked on the old one).   Then we had them over for dinner before they left for Antigua where they leave their boat for Hurricane season.  

Also in the marina was Native Dancer with Patti and Gary.  We had met them in Trinidad where they were on the slip next to us at Crew’s Inn.

Rodney Bay is a haven not only for boaters but for tourists with many resorts and guest houses around the bay.  Consequently, there are many, many places to eat in the area including 4 restaurants at the marina itself.   There is large grocery in a nearby mall for provisioning.  A great marine store and a hardware store are in the marina area.  Sparkle will pick up your laundry at the boat and return it the next day.  What more could you ask for?   Well we finally dragged ourselves away from the marina after two weeks to head toward Martinique with Native Dancer.

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\April 2010\100_2057.jpg
Native Dancer – a Westsail 43  

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\April 2010\100_2058.jpg
Some of the very nice homes in the lagoon where the marina is located

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\April 2010\100_2060.jpg 
The channel that connects the lagoon with Rodney Bay

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\April 2010\100_2061.jpg
A large cat coming into the channel from Rodney Bay

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\April 2010\100_2062.jpg
Pigeon Island anchorage, Rodney Bay

C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Kodak Pictures\April 2010\100_2063.jpg
Reduit Beach anchorage, Rodney Bay





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