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Our retirement on Island Time as liveaboards.


Bequia Easter Regatta

We enjoyed Easter in Bequia where they have a four day Easter Regatta.  The harbor was full with all the mooring taken and the anchorage packed.  Jay and Priscilla were here for the first day of racing.  There were five classes of boats racing with spinnaker, J-24, Cruising I non-spinnaker, Cruising II non-spinnaker, and fishing boats.  We could have raced in the Cruising Class II if we desired.   

The first race on Friday was the Friendship Bay race where the boats (except the fishing boats) sailed out of the harbor and around West Cay to Friendship Bay on the south side of the island and then back.  All the boats except one finished before our guests left. The one boat with red sails we watched sail out of the harbor lagging behind everyone did not return until almost an hour after our guests left on the 5:00 pm ferry which actually left at 4:30 pm.  

The second day racing was around the island for the racing and cruising class boats.  The J-24’s had three races within the harbor.  The fishing boats raced on the south side of the island.

Bequia Easter Regatta, J-24’s

Easter Sunday was a lay day except for the fishing and there were parties and events planned on Lower Bay.  The ferries were crowded bringing people over from St. Vincent.  After the fishing boats finished their race they landed on Lower Bay also. 

Party Time, Lower Bay Bequia Easter Regatta


Fishing Boats Landing at Lower Bay, Bequia

 The fishing boats have little or no keel and use sand bags as movable ballast.  The main sail is attached to the mast and then it has an upper gaff that is held up by a long bamboo pole that supports the top of the gaff and the bottom of the pole sets in the bottom of the boat.  The fittings on the boats ranged from standard sailboat fittings to lines with no winches and few blocks.  Some boats had small roller furlers for the jib while some were rolled up by hand.

Fishing Boat Fleet, Lower Bay, Bequia

 The last day of the Regatta was Monday with races around Admiralty Bay.  Monday was also a holiday and the Bequia community held a party at the head of the bay.  Again many party goers arrived from St. Vincent on the ferries. 

The last ferry leaving Bequia at the end of the regatta with the revelers from St. Vincent.  The music from the boat could be heard in the entire anchorage.






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