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Our retirement on Island Time as liveaboards.


September 2009

 Island Time has been on hiatus.  We abandoned our last cruising season in favor of earning a little income.  We will be back in cruising mode in January, 2010.  We still have pictures that we wish to share from our last adventures ashore.   

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Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou

May 2008 we left St. Vincent and the Grenadines after clearing out at Clifton Harbor, Union Island. and headed to Grenada.  The Grenadine Island of Carriacou is part of the country of Grenada where we cleared in at Hillsborough.   As Hillsborough is not an ideal anchorage, after clearing in we motored around the west side of the island to Tyrrel Bay where we anchored along with many other cruisers.  It’s a large bay with plenty of room.   The entry is wide open and not difficult with a reef along the shoreline. 

Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou

 The bay itself used to have mangroves all along the shore line.  These mangroves were cut so that the cruisers could see the businesses along the shore road.  However this turned out to be a major error as after a hurricane the shore line was severely damaged from rare swells from the west. 

Tyrrel bay yacht haulout
Tyrrel Bay with the haul out facility in foreground  

Tyrrell Bay
Tyrrel Bay


Tyrrel Bay has interesting business’ several of them floating.  Two very enterprising brothers run a floating bar called Angel’s Rest.  They also deliver our morning baguettes.  Sometimes after a night of partying our baguette does not arrive until almost noon but they blame it on the baker who was late that morning- he must have been at the same party.   Another floating business is the local welder.  You just pull up beside the boat and tie up to it.  

At Angels Rest we met Dan and Wendy from Halcyon Days who were one of our buddy boats for our trip from Grenada to Trinidad. 

Of course any major cruisers hangout has to have a pizza place – in this bay it’s the Lazy Turtle.  As with many places in the islands, using the dinghy dock is a major balancing act – narrow and very wobbly. 

There is also a haul out facility in the bay where boats in need of repair can get work done.  Some of the boats there look like they will never float again.

Angels Rest, Kevin and Nicholas’ Floating Bar- notice the wind generator

Nicholas our bar tender

Kevin not to be out done by his brother.

The Welding Shop

Pizza in the tropics

Sunset, Tyrrel Bay






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