Island Time




Our retirement on Island Time as liveaboards.



It is time to start heading south at a leisurely pace.  We left St. Vincent for Bequia where we only spent two days.  Enough time for Daffodil to do our laundry, fill our propane tanks and do a little shopping.  We then sailed about 10 miles to Mustique (French for Mosquito), the home of the rich and famous.  The entire island of Mustique is private and managed by the Mustique Company.  Moorings are $75 EC for three nights. 

The island has 90 villas (mansions), one hotel, one guesthouse, one beach bar, a few boutiques, a local village (where the islanders who were born on the island live) and a fishing camp.   The island has its own privately owned public works department.  The road was being patched the day we were there and the morning ferry brought over the work vehicles and trucks with asphalt in them.  The asphalt was all spread by hand.  Everything on the island is immaculate.  The island has its own desalination plant so it can make plenty of water for the watering the grass and plants and filling the pools.  Of course you can’t have an island for the rich and famous without a riding stable, tennis courts etc.   I wonder what the monthly condo fees are.  You can actually rent some of these mansions for a measly $125,000 US per week.

In the local village is the police station and nearby is the local school.  According the taxi driver there are 45 children in the elementary school.  For high school they need to go to St. Vincent where they stay with relatives while attending school.

We did a taxi tour of the island and had dinner at Basil’s which was very good but a little pricey as one would expect.  Actually this was the least expensive of the three restaurants on the island.    

Britannia Harbor, Mustique

Basil’s Beach Bar and Restaurant, Mustique

The Pink Store and the Purple Store, Mustique.   The purple store has a collection of toys and beach ware.  The Pink Store has designer clothes including Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren. 

Corea’s grocery store. 

Carved Doors of entrance to Courtyard, Mustique

Decorative Railing along Road, Mustique

Tommy Hilfiger House, Mustique

Peter Lynch (Merrill-Lynch) – That’s where the investment fees go!!

Mick Jagger’s “cottage” on Sandy Bay

Nike manager’s place, Mustique

Turtle Sculpture donated by an English Gentleman, Mustique


Britannia Bay, Fuel Delivery – The fuel ship cannot approach shore so it runs a hose across the water to a connection on shore and the hose is  marked by the red buoys.  A crew member stands on the bow of the ship and blows an air horn at any boat including dinghies that try to cross the bay between the ship and the shore.  All boats need to go around the fuel tanker.     

On our last morning on the mooring we head all sorts of yelling and loud conversations starting about sun rise.  The fishing fleet was netting in the mooring field.  I guess those fish thought that they were clever and thought that they could hide under the visiting yachts.  The fishermen lay their nets in a wide circle and then draw the circle in tighter capturing the fish.  For a while they had captured a moored catamaran in their nets.  Anchors from the nets are set to help hold it in place.  Some fishermen are in the water with snorkels checking on the nets below water. The anchors are reset and moved as the net gets smaller.  Once the net is drawn small enough the net is dragged toward shore.  None of the fishing boats use motors and are rowed around to pull in the nets and to reset the anchors.  A lot of yelling of directions and arm waving is part of the process.

The fishing fleet, Britannia Bay, Mustique

Fishermen hard at work, Britannia Bay, Mustique





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