Island Time




Our retirement on Island Time as liveaboards.


April Visitors

We had more visitors in April.  Pam and Bruce met us in the Blue Lagoon for a week of sailing and liming. 

The arrival, Pam and Bruce meet us at the bar, Blue Lagoon

Their first day was rainy so we decided to do a land tour of St. Vincent.  This tour was up the leeward coast.  The villages along the leeward coast are primarily fishing villages. 

As with all tours we start with an up over a ridge and then down into the capital Kingstown.

The Airport, St. Vincent

Typical Architecture, Kingstown, St. Vincent

Police Station, Kingstown, St. Vincent

Courthouse, Kingstown, St. Vincent

From Kingstown we followed the coast north to Wallilaboo where we had lunch.  Portions of the film The Pirates of the Caribbean was shot here. 

Wallilaboo Harbor, This rock was in a scene from the movie

Wallilaboo, Fake Façade for Scenes from the Movie, The Bricks are Plaster on a Board.

Wallilabou,  Props from the movie

Wallilabou, Pam and Bruce examine the board signed by all the cast members and support team.  Johnny Depp’s signature is in the skull in the middle.  Photos of the cast and crew surround the board.

From Wallilabou we continue north to the Dark View Falls.  Dark View Falls is comprised of two falls in a step configuration with elevations up to 229 feet.  The falls are fed by the Richmond River.  To get to the falls we needed to cross a river on a bamboo bridge. 

The Bamboo Bridge to Dark View Falls, At least the bridge is held up by steel cable instead of vines.

Dark View Falls, Pam and Bruce Crossing the Bamboo Bridge

Dark View Falls, Pam at the lower falls.

After visiting the falls we headed back to the boat to get ready for a not too early departure to Bequia the next day.

We stayed in Bequia one night before heading to Chatham Bay on Union Island where we had the local Bar-B-Q on the shore.  We left the next morning to spend two days at the Tobago Cays.   The snorkeling was great (as usual).  The turtles were very active.  We watched them dive under water and feed.  I want to know how they can hold their breath and eat at the same time.  From the Cays we sailed directly back to St. Vincent.  The wind was perfect; we sailed about 35 miles in six hours.  We arrived at Young Island Cut and picked up a mooring from Charlie Tango.  That evening, Pam and Bruce’s last night, we had a wonderful dinner at the Lime Restaurant and Pub.  The next morning a Charlie Tango taxi took our guests to the airport for their trip back to the US.





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