Island Time




Our retirement on Island Time as liveaboards.


March Visitors to Island Time

Island Time has camped out in Admirality Bay, Bequia enjoying the atmosphere and the weather.  It is a great place to wait for guests as it has excellent ferry service to St. Vincents.  Our March quests were Jay and Priscilla who were happy to escape the snow of Vermont. 

Jay and Priscilla arriving at Island Time, Bequia

Our first night we just relaxed and let our guests get settled into their guest cabin which just a day earlier was our garage. 

For the first full day on Bequia, we arranged for a taxi tour of the island with our friendly taxi driver Creamie.  The first stop was the old fort on a promontory overlooking the Admiralty Bay.  The only remnants of the fort left are a few cannon.  It has a great view of the Bay. 

Admiralty Bay, Bequia form the Old Fort



Jay discussing the American election with Creamie.  We have found that a large number of the natives in both Trinidad and here to be very interested in our elections.



After visiting the fort we headed over the central mountains to the northeast shore of the island. We stopped at Spring Pottery and Galleries which is located in an old sugar cane plantation. The studio mad some very beautiful items.  My favorite pieces were decorated with geikos.

Pottery Gallery in Old Sugar Plantation, Spring, Bequia

From Spring we traveled on to Industry and the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary.  There were turtles of all sizes including two albino turtles. 


There were many lovely bays and beaches along the way such as Spring Bay and......

Friendship Bay

Jay enjoying the view and a drink at Moskito Beach Bar in Friendship Bay.






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