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Our retirement on Island Time as liveaboards.


Canouan and Mayreau – The Grenadines

We sailed to Canouan after leaving Mustique, all ten miles.  Canouan has been developed in recent history with a large resort and casino occupying the northern half of the island.  We anchored in the southern half in Charlestown Bay.  There is a Mooring’s charter base there with a nice hotel.  The town is the typical of the towns found on all the islands with a small grocery store (it was well stocked – most likely because of the charter base), several rum shops (bars), and small restaurants. 

Charlestown Bay, Canouan with the Moorings base in the background.

Hotel in Charlestown Bay

Island Time at anchor in Charlestown Bay

Iguana behind the hotel

Moorings Base, Canouan

Palm Tree species with fruit (?) that look like grapes

We spent two nights in Canouan before heading to Mayreau.  Mayreau has little development on it.  There is a small town on the hillside and a small resort on the north end of the island in Saltwhistle Bay.  We anchored in Saline Bay on the south end of the island. 

Saline Bay is the main access for the island.  The dock in the north end of the bay is where the supplies arrive via the ferry.  Do not anchor too close to the dock.  While we where there, an anchored boat was rudely awakened early in the morning by a very insistent ferry horn.  Their anchor was raised very quickly.  

Dennis’ Hideaway is up the hill on the opposite side of the road from the house with the pink roof.  The church is at the very top of the hill and has great views of the islands.

The beach along Saline Bay is sandy and picturesque and looks deserted.  However, one day a week a cruise ship comes in and food and tee shirt vendors appear like magic. 

Saline Bay, Mayreau

The beach at Saline Bay, Mayreau

Dennis’ Hideaway, a lovely little hotel

The bar at Dennis’ where we had to fortify ourselves after the walk up the steep hill and before we continued up the hill to the church.

The church at the top of the hill, notice the sign pointing the way to the Tobago Cays overlook.

Tobago Cays – boats anchored in lee of island and along the light blue strip of water on the backside of the horseshoe shaped reef.

Palm Island foreground, Petit Martinique middle island and Carriacou in the background.  The latter two islands are part of Grenada.

Saltwhistle Bay, Mayreau – this is a popular anchorage but very small with reefs on both sides – it’s best to get there early in the day.

Island Time anchored in Saline Bay – not quite as crowded as Saltwhistle; Union Island is in the background

We only stayed one night in Mayreau before heading to Union Island (short trip) to check out of St. Vincent and the Grenadines as our visa was to expire in two days on April 30th.  It is hard to believe that we spent 2 ½ months in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  After checking out our next stop is Carriacou, a part of Grenada. 





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